House Hunting

Why is searching for a house so hard? You like a place, you book it, you move into it, renovate it to suit your style, mood, influence whatever you call it. But why is it so hard? When it comes to booking a house, why do we take 3 steps forward and 5 steps back?
Why can’t we just go 3 steps forward and leave it right there?

The problem with us is that, when we see a place, we envision ourselves sitting, talking, entertaining, sleeping; basically spending each moment of our sleeping or waking hours in a place like this. When we stop to think of things like these, we are not thinking of a house; we’re thinking of a home. And we know that “Home is where the heart is”.

So then why is it so hard to find a place like this which we can make it as our own? The reason is because it’s hard to appease someone easily. The thought process that goes into one’s head when we think of moving out of a place where we’ve done so many things, played, partied, fought with each other basically leaves a mark on us that’s so strong that it’s literally imprinted in our minds, our thoughts, our feelings that we try and hope to reciprocate it in a new place.

Well, we’re currently looking out for a place right now and we have seen places I can’t even begin to describe over here. The one house that bowled us over and which would probably
bowl you over too is unattainable but also gave us such an invitation that we just couldn’t stop gushing over it.

6 houses down and we still think of that house when we see a new place. It’s become the benchmark of all the houses here. We’re getting that place because that’s not a house; that’s a home and you know how the saying goes, Home is where the heart is


About Sheldon Coelho

I'm a student by day and a writer by night. I enjoy variety and it's reflected in my writing as well. If you want to have a good, simple read; look no further. Below you have two blogs like the two sides of a coin. The first is a view of life through my eyes. The second is a travel blog where you will see the wandering side of me through my various travels. The last blog which has been recently created is a Photoblog and it is here that I share some of the photos that I've captured over the years. Welcome to my world!

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