My 55 Words Story

He looked down at her and brushed the hair off her face softly. She looked at him and said, “Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be fine”. With a smile on his face, he fell asleep on her shoulder.

Nine months later, the headline says – 16 year old girl delivers baby boy, Father 12 years old!


About Sheldon Coelho

I'm a student by day and a writer by night. I enjoy variety and it's reflected in my writing as well. If you want to have a good, simple read; look no further. Below you have two blogs like the two sides of a coin. The first is a view of life through my eyes. The second is a travel blog where you will see the wandering side of me through my various travels. The last blog which has been recently created is a Photoblog and it is here that I share some of the photos that I've captured over the years. Welcome to my world!

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  1. didn’t something of that sort happen in england last year?

  2. nice one! is this a real story?

  3. Another nice post today thanks. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Have a great day.

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  4. Oooh I remember this story…. it was in 2008-09 i suppose, I had compiled the story myself for the national daily in Oman. Good times. Ans the 55-word story is a brilliant idea, here’s to hoping to read more from you. And I would not have guessed the way you ended it. Kudos 🙂

  5. Its amazing how 55ers indulge in sex! You have uncovered another dimension of human delinquency. Yes, it shocks, true to the fashion of a 55-words fiction.

  6. 55-word story.. nice try..

  7. Oh, I was not aware that something of this sort has happened. Nicely written!

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