Why do people write articles?

It’s a known fact that people enjoy writing stuff. Maybe, they like to jot down something which caught their attention while reading the paper or a magazine or doodling over a cartoon area; basically people enjoy writing stuff.

Remember the time when you used to sit up late in the night and write your most secret thoughts in your secret diary? You know for a fact that no one but yourself would be reading that and it would be a secret you would take till your grave. But that little time spent in writing that day to day news is almost as exciting as the day itself and over time, we appreciate the vocabulary and the words that we start using.

Freedom of expression is all what we want. We want to be able to say anything to anybody without being in trouble. They say that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ and it holds true in many cases as printed material is always in most cases more incriminating than spoken words.

So let’s try and channel that creative juice in us onto a more preferred medium, blogs. This way, the world shall know what you think and in some way, it does help someone out there who just wants to be heard.



Christmas at Home – A Treat for the Soul

It’s that time of the year again when we rise up and sing at the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The gathering of all the 50 members of your family in that small two bedroom apartment of yours where you think its just not enough to house more. Yes, it sounds like Christmas.

While most people celebrate Christmas with family, I decided to do something different. I spent a night of fun, frolic and basically drinking with a bunch of friends that I grew up with in Bangalore and boy oh boy, was it good. The amount of planning and preparation that went into this small, yet grand affair took a toll on all of us and we were very satisfied when everyone left the house in good spirits to wish their loved ones at home and basically go to sleep so they could enjoy the rest of the celebrations for that day.

My story is a little more different than the rest mentioned above. I was drunk almighty and I had slept for 48 hours straight. No inkling of time and date at all. When I got up, I realized that I had just spent this Christmas in the worst possible fashion ever. I had forgotten my own family and most of my friends were worried sick about where I was since I wasn’t answering any of their calls.

So I took a little breather and allowed my thoughts to flow freely. Remember when parents ask their kids about what gifts they would be requesting from Santa this year? Well, I had a flashback of when I was small and my dad asking me, ‘Son, have you been a good boy this year?’ And I would go, ‘Yes daddy, I’ve been really good’ – basically lying from the top of my head. I would see that Santa left something nice for me under the Christmas tree and then I felt sorry that I had lied to Santa and still got something from him.

Coming back to the present day; I remembered those very same words that my father used a very long time ago and I thought to myself, Have I been good this year? I haven’t spoken to my family in a long time, I haven’t been the most responsible person when it came to doing any kind of work, and I haven’t been the best friend. All these things were eating my head and I just couldn’t stop but wonder why on earth I am living this farcical life. I wanted to amend things straight away so I called up one of my best friends and told him that ‘Dude, I’m off to Mangalore for New Year and I’m sorry we won’t be catching up on 31st night because I’m missing my family a lot.’ He was all sweet and kind and he said ‘Definitely bro, family comes first and I’m happy that you’ll be with your family at this time’.

Well, now to get the details in order. First I get in touch with my neighbor and tell him that I’m coming to Mangalore to give my uncle and everyone there a nice surprise and would require a return ticket from Mangalore to Bangalore so I can reach back on 4th morning for work. He says ‘No problem Sheldon, I’ll get that arranged for you in no time’ and bang, in half an hour he’s got my ticket ready. Second, I had to convince my team mates at office that I will be leaving a day in advance so I had to get all my work cleared off in time. Third, getting a ticket to Mangalore as this would be a rush season and everybody’s going home at the same time. My ticket booking agent is a genius. He shifted a few seats from here and there and ensured that I would get a ticket on the same bus that I wanted on the same day at the time that I usually traveled on.

So now that I have finally reached Mangalore, I begin to realize what a wonderful feeling I’m having since I got here. This feeling of calm and peaceful serenity is exuding all around me. As I sit and await the arrival of lunch, the delicious aroma is tickling my senses and I see that this is what I’ve been missing all along – it’s the sweet taste of purity. I’m finally at home and it’s “a treat for the soul indeed.”

P.S – In case you’re wondering why I’m writing about Christmas in the month of April, I’d like you’ll to know that this was a long lost article which I managed to retrieve from an old hard disk. Yay!

The Story of my Life

Life. A four letter word that has different meanings and yet, all of us strive to find that piece of happiness and joy in that four letter word everyday. We get up in the morning and we know what we want for breakfast – eggs and bacon. Lo and behold, you are looking at freshly baked panpales (neer dosa) and chutney. Yuck, I would say but can’t. I do not want to hurt Mama’s feelings. So I have these panpales and think, maybe its time I bought a new shirt or a new pant and lo and behold again, Dadla has something in store for his ‘little rascal’. Shona fights with me to get hold of the TV remote while I’m watching an amazing show (F.R.I.E.N.D.S – if you must know) and lo and behold, Dadla and Mama already have plans of watching something else. Well you try and try and try to change them but you should face the fact. They are not going to change. They are your family and no matter how small or how old you are, you will always be a ‘Sonnuboy’ to them. But it’s fun. Life without those three other people is not life at all. It’s another four letter word – ‘Hell’. Now this four letter word is the total opposite where Mama makes eggs and bacon (while you’re on a very strict diet and there are no cornflakes in the house) and Dadla is just sitting idle not even talking to anybody.

When you sit down and analyze what life has taken you through, you realize that you have left so many things behind. Things that you have wanted to take seriously, things you should have had when you’re young. People, are some of the most important things that we tend to overlook in our quest for happiness. We leave them hanging dry and low and is this our fault? I’m not so sure. Let’s face the fact. We know that sometimes things change, situations change but the chance to make things right is never quite there. You strive to be a better human being but you tend to hurt sometimes the people you love or who love you. What is the cause of such irrational thinking? Call it a mistake of the youth or teenage delinquency. ‘YOU’ are the cause for this. Not anybody else but ‘YOU’.

Now that I have given you a brief description on what life basically is let me demonstrate the essence of what this means. It may be hard for some people to believe that life can truly be beautiful and enjoyable. Although, some cynics may say that life can truly be a monstrosity of crimes viz the sex, murder and drugs, I say ‘to hell with that’. ‘Let there be Rock’ in the words of AC/DC. God made the earth, the stars, the moon and then he made life. He made everything so beautiful in this world that there are very few who would stop and smell the fresh air, see the flowers blooming in the night or see the lake and wish that the world had been a better place. I have wished for such things. I have longed for such things. But it is hard to find happiness 24/7. No one can.

Which is when I started doing some research on where I’m currently headed on with my life and what is stopping me from getting there. I’m not a bad person. I love life. I love life so much that I’ve left so many people behind in my quest for happiness. There are some things I truly cherish in this world and one of them is friendship. Remember the time you had so many things to do and yet you could not accomplish that because you just did not have the motivation to go through with it? Well that’s when friends become helpful. They get you back on track. They make you do things that you probably did not know you could do and they are on your side whether you have made a mistake or not. This is called friendship. This is called life. So if you have to live life, then be a normal person and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But if you want to love life, do what I did. Get an amazing set of friends and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Do we ever grow old?

A serious question to ponder on, don’t you think? The real question is actually, do we ever want to grow old? I still get all the butterflies in my stomach when one of my friends starts talking about Batman and Wolverine or the latest toy car model that he’s acquired. I enjoy watching cartoons even now. 😀

You have to face the fact sometimes. Either you pick up the pieces of your life and start afresh, or you can still move on in the same fantasy world with a few changes here and there to alter as per the situation. You can be serious at your job, at home, with finances, with your marriage, with your kids, with everything, but once in a while, you need to bring out that inner child in you and allow it to take over the shadow that you have become. You need to free him from the bondage.

I remember during my 25th birthday (not so long ago), my parents gifted me a set of Spacemen, ones that I used to play with as a kid. There were about twenty five of them in various positions, each one having a different set of tools. I went bonkers. I was reunited with my “Man Man”. I played with them for about two hours after that, just talking to myself, creating scenarios, making the figures talk to themselves. I had no idea what had happened to me. For those two hours, I felt the child in me was brought back, if only for a while.

I guess we all need that sometimes. We need to remind ourselves that the child in us deserves to be called out in to the open. He needs to be fed, nurtured and put back to sleep so he’s happier the next time he comes out. I get high on that.

So the next time you’re thinking about talking about the comic books or action figures or maybe doing some crazy weird stuff that you used to do as a kid, don’t feel shy or wonder if you’re acting like a kid. Go for it, I say. And if you’re a parent, your child will definitely get closer to you when they realize that you share the same amount of passion as they do about the stuff that they like. Plus, look at it in this way. You’ll be crowned as the ‘Coolest King’ or ‘Coolest Queen’ among your child’s friends’. 🙂

Now where did I leave my copy of Iron Man?

Another long day at the office

Who among you hasn’t heard of the famous phrases that everyone keeps repeating almost every time?

–          It’s been a long day at the office mate

–          Oh! My day just got worse

–          I’m shit out of luck today. It just doesn’t seem to get over, does it?

Almost all of us who work hard or hardly keep repeating these lines to remind ourselves how our day could not get crappier. It’s easy for people to say though,

–          Prioritize your work

–          I need this to be done now. This is more important than what you’re doing

–          I feel you’re not living up to your potential

What does the higher management actually ever want? Is it a nice cushy job while someone does all the hard work or a devil may care attitude because you know that someone out there is making your name look good? If you have ever watched the movie ‘Karthik calling Karthik’ – which is a Hindi movie by the way, starring Farhan Akthar and Deepika Padukone, you’d understand perfectly what I’m trying to say. Karthik was considered a nut by everyone. All the work used to be dumped at his desk because he was the “Man for the Job”. Being a soft spoken guy, he could hardly say no.

What was more important is that Karthik had no friends. The girl who he’s in love with at the office, to whom he’s been trying to share his feelings with but in the end just saving all the emails as drafts, never actually sending them, didn’t even care to battle an eyelid at him. All of a sudden, he starts getting mysterious phone calls from a person named Karthik at 5 AM who happens to know every intimate detail that Karthik possesses. He says “I’m here to help you”. Karthik starts trusting his judgment and his life turns into a rainbow overnight.

This was Karthik’s sub-conscious mind talking to him and his alter ego turns Karthik into something totally different than what the original could never have dreamt of becoming. But not all of us suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Not all of us can fight a losing battle with the one hope that a last strike may win the war for us. This is the fate we must all share for the sake of the continuity of the business; to keep the clients happy. That’s all what matters.

So do you know what I would do? My mind goes blank trying to think of words to say.

The only hope I have now – Get beaten down, but live to fight another day. If patience is mother of all f***ups, then success is definitely her son. My advice to you, in the words of Jack Black from the movie ‘School of Rock’ – “Stick it to the Man”.


P.S – For the rest of you who can’t “Stick it to the Man”, happy job hunting…

Monday Blah!

Remember Aladdin and his magic lamp? Well, I ain’t an Aladdin but I do have a roommate who we fondly call Jasmine; but more about the magic lamp. History states that, Aladdin rubbed his magic lamp and out whooshed a genie who granted Aladdin three wishes of his choice. I didn’t have to rub a lamp but I did have my three wishes granted yesterday through some magical stroke of luck.

It was 3 AM and I was travelling back home on the bus and somehow, I just couldn’t get any sleep. I was wondering what was disturbing me and it was two things. One, my roommates had again done some nonsense and I was going to find out what only when I got home. Two, I was going to lose a close friend. Surprising to say the least, I got back home to see my bags all packed and neatly arranged next to the door. It seemed like we were ready for a quick exit should the situation ever arise. Hmmm and why was all I could muster at that moment.

Two, I lost my close friend to the unfortunate enemy called “distance”. The funny part about that is, I didn’t wish for it to happen. I had this nagging thought in my mind that the distance factor would create some trouble surely sooner or later. It was too soon to predict, honestly. That being said, the friend and I are still keeping in touch.

Three, as if the day could not get any worse, when I left for work, I realized that I did not have the ID card with me. I went back home and searched desperately for it. No luck. So, I left home and pondered on how I’m going to get into my office without an ID card. As luck wasn’t on my side yesterday, no one was in the office, which in turn means no one to identify me, which means, I can’t get to work. This is something that’s happening at 7 AM by the way.

After calling, yelling and heckling a few of the people, my manager finally got them to grant me a temporary access for the day, which as I suspected it, did not start working immediately. My day could not start any better – 7.40 AM.

So, I reach my workstation and I switch my desktop on happy to see it for another week when I realize that my drawer key has all the important documents which I need for my work. The drawer key was attached to the ID card, the location of which is currently unknown. Alright, where are you Mr Locksmith? I looked at the time on the workstation – 7.50 AM. Too early for anyone to come and get it opened. What do I do? Get home and start searching for the badge? Yes, I could not see any other alternative at that moment.

10.15 AM – I had been rummaging through the rubble with determination for the last two hours, only to be disappointed that my badge was not where it was supposed to be at. Ok, time to call the locksmith and get the drawer opened anyhow.

11.00 AM – I enter the office not realizing that I hadn’t changed / showered since I reached home at half past 6. I’ve been running around too pissed with so much nonsense happening since morning that I didn’t realize that I was wearing a tee that said “Recovering Quoteaholic”. Hmmm, again at that thought which made me smile for the first time.

11.28 AM – A call from a dear old friend cheered me up. I was literally doing pirouettes while we talked. This person’s always the ego booster, a mood enhancer and a darling for me. Thank you.

7.40 PM – Twelve hours since I started working and I get this funny thought in my head that my access card was going to get revoked at the stroke of midnight much like Cinderella’s chariot turning into a pumpkin. I laugh to myself that this can’t happen and go out for a cup of coffee.

12.05 AM – It happened just like I had imagined. I was wondering if my thoughts were being converted to wishes somehow. So here I am, stuck all alone in a big office with no security around, awaiting rescue. So once again after calling, yelling and heckling a few of the people, I got someone to come rescue me. Freedom never felt so good at half past 12 in the morning.

12.20 AM – reach home and roommates are ready to get out for dinner. They unceremoniously dump me back on the bike and off we go.

3.00 AM – landed home finally. I’ve been awake for 24 hours exactly. 3 thoughts converted to three wishes which brought about a lot of mess, madness and unnecessary heckling today.

Let’s hope Tuesday starts off well…

The Funny Game of Life

Life is a like a funny deck of cards. Here you are sitting and wondering what you did wrong. You try the various permutations – combinations, but you just don’t seem to find the right set of cards to get your stacks in the same order. At times, you come out all aces;hitting everything on a high.

You play cards like you play with life. When you’re happy and confident, there’s nothing that can stop you from doing what you want and your cards say the same. True, a lot of it has to do with lady luck but most of the time; it’s just you that’s deciding the fate. You can never go wrong with whatever you do. Your hand keeps burning the others’ fate.

It’s odd, but I feel like this is happening to me quite often. I try and play with cards that are never meant to be with me and end up losing more than what I bargained with at the beginning of the game. I’m going through what you would call an unlucky hand. I try and fight my way through, but the luck just doesn’t seem to favour me at all.

Hopefully, this turn runs out sooner than later. I’m tired of this game. Maybe I should try Blackjack for a change and see if my luck changes for the better. I could do with a lady blowing into my hand for good luck.

House Hunting

Why is searching for a house so hard? You like a place, you book it, you move into it, renovate it to suit your style, mood, influence whatever you call it. But why is it so hard? When it comes to booking a house, why do we take 3 steps forward and 5 steps back?
Why can’t we just go 3 steps forward and leave it right there?

The problem with us is that, when we see a place, we envision ourselves sitting, talking, entertaining, sleeping; basically spending each moment of our sleeping or waking hours in a place like this. When we stop to think of things like these, we are not thinking of a house; we’re thinking of a home. And we know that “Home is where the heart is”.

So then why is it so hard to find a place like this which we can make it as our own? The reason is because it’s hard to appease someone easily. The thought process that goes into one’s head when we think of moving out of a place where we’ve done so many things, played, partied, fought with each other basically leaves a mark on us that’s so strong that it’s literally imprinted in our minds, our thoughts, our feelings that we try and hope to reciprocate it in a new place.

Well, we’re currently looking out for a place right now and we have seen places I can’t even begin to describe over here. The one house that bowled us over and which would probably
bowl you over too is unattainable but also gave us such an invitation that we just couldn’t stop gushing over it.

6 houses down and we still think of that house when we see a new place. It’s become the benchmark of all the houses here. We’re getting that place because that’s not a house; that’s a home and you know how the saying goes, Home is where the heart is

Saturday Night Out

Ok! So, this wasn’t a regular Saturday you meet up with the boys, have a drink at one of the many pubs in the city and have a roar of a time driving around to some unknown destination only to come back home and pass out. No, this was a crazy night out riddled with adventures. Why? Since it involved a little of drinking (after all, one can’t forget the drinking), one bike, 3 people and adrenaline pushing you to the limit.

It all began with a phone call…

Roommate 1: Hello Sheldon?

Me: Yes dude?

Roommate 1: Macha (a word signifying brother), my friends are coming over from across the border and we are going to have a party at our place.

Me: OK. So what does this have to do with me?

Roommate 1: I need you to tell Roommate 2 to get his girlfriend out of the house by the time they come.

Me: What? Why do you need the girlfriend out of the place?

Roommate 1: No dude, you don’t understand. I’ve had problems with this from the beginning and I’ve told him many times not to get her home. He doesn’t seem to heed my requests anymore.

Me: Ok dude. I’ll try talking to him. How many people are coming by the way?

Roommate 1: Seven.

Me: Seven? What the hell mate?

Roommate 1: Yeah. They’re going to be staying here as well, so you guys need to find something to do tonight since I don’t think you’d be comfortable around these people.

Roommate 1: Hmmm. Alright then. Let me talk to Roommate 2 and let you know ASAP.

All the while, Roommate 2 is listening to this conversation with his girlfriend sitting next to him and wondering what the hell is happening.

Roommate 2: What’s up Jaan (Word that signifies loved one – used for both guys and girls)?

Me: Nothing much. Our roommate is hosting a party out here with seven of his pals and he needs you to get the girlfriend out of here.

Roommate 2: No way.

Me: Yes. That’s what he wants and he’s said it plain and clear that he wants this to be done immediately.

Roommate 2: What’s his problem?

Me: I don’t think he has a problem with you Jaan. He just has a problem with her. I don’t think he likes you bringing her here.

Meanwhile, the girl’s attention perks up and she puts in her contribution to the situation.

Girlfriend: This is a sad scene.

Me: I understand. But right now, I need you both to leave the place so he can have his party.

Girlfriend: What are you going to do then?

Me: I haven’t thought about that yet.

Roommate 2: Let’s get out then. You’re not doing anything here anyways. So I don’t see why you can’t come out with us.

Me: Hmmm. Good plan. Alright then, what do we do / where do we go?

Roommate 2: Let’s get to a resort.

The time on the clock when we were discussing this was showing 9.30 PM

Me: Now? What the hell do we do at a resort at this time of the night?

Roommate 2: Well, we can have a ball of a time drinking, dancing and partying the night away basically.

Me: Sounds good, but I don’t see any resort that’s near our place and moreover, we have one bike. How the hell do we get to this place with the three of us on bike, out on a Saturday night and a horde of cops at various checkpoints?

Roommate 2: That, you don’t worry. Getting to the place is my concern. You just tell me what we’re going to drink and where we’re going to be staying.

I pause to think for a while. The offer sounded good. I did not want to stay at home with
seven unknown guys and I sure as hell did not want to know what kind of party
seven unknown guys would be having.

Me: OK. Let’s chalk up a plan to see what we can do. Obviously we can’t get to a resort at this point of time since it’s late to do anything. Let’s get to a hotel / a guesthouse and we can take it from there, alright? First, let’s get something to eat. Anyone up for Chinese?

Roommate 2 and girlfriend are both excited by the change of events and are having an
animated discussion about the list of hotels that we could go to without having
to spend too much for a room. This is when I start thinking. Ooh, I wish I had
a girlfriend at this time. We could have had so much fun tonight. The time on
the clock reads ten. The timeframe is getting shorter. We need to do something
fast. I can think about the girlfriend that I could have enjoyed with at another time.

So, the three of us get out for a meal. There’s a slight drizzle as we’re walking and I’m thinking about how we’re going to manage if the rain continues like this or becomes worse. The dinner was a boring affair. Apart from the starters – soup and momos
(dumplings), the main course sucked. We left the place quickly unable to savour
the dinner. On the way back home, we’re talking about the usual nonsense that
guys talk when a girl is around – ex girlfriends, commitment issues, parents; you
know the drill.

We get back home and we start calling up a few select places in the city which we knew were affordable and hospitable. No luck. It seems that on the night we do decide to book a place in one of the many hotels that the city offers us, no rooms are available. I smile at our rotten luck. The seven unknown guys are having a nice drink at a popular bar (read Hard Rock Café) and we’re sitting out here mulling over our stupid situation.

That’s when an idea springs to my head. Usually, I have this knack of thinking at the right things at the wrong time. This time, I knew the situation could not have been more befitting. I called up my friend’s cousin who was in charge of a beautiful guesthouse Sujata Guest House. This was a small yet aesthetically designed guesthouse with modern amenities such as your microwave oven, toaster, water heater and an air conditioner to boot.

Now, all we need is the booze. How do we get to a place which is filled with cops patrolling each and every main road? The plan was to get the booze and scoot to the guest house without encountering any non-friendlies. So, we rode into the night with a heart full of hope that the night would not be a wasted effort. We took the by lanes and the shortcuts and the up and down roads. We took more time than what it would take for a normal person to reach the place where we were staying. But we did not waver. We stuck to our plan and we kept pushing forward even though we knew the danger that lied ahead.

Two guys on a bike in the middle of the night is dangerous enough anyways. We were two guys and a girl, kinky, yet fun.

 So there we were, three friends, happy campers as you can call us, enjoying the night away, drinking, laughing, talking and dancing. The old stories came up and new ones were created but what happened that night was fun all through. I’ve realized that as life goes on,
you meet new people every day and the moments that you spend with them are
cherished in your heart.

The next morning we came back the same way we left the previous night; three on a bike. This time, the world watched us go by as we proudly rode all the way home in bright daylight like newly crowned champions. The rest of the day was spent in recovering the lost energy of the previous night. So, in order to be fair to the spirit of the weekend, we ate, slept, got up, ate again, slept again, got up, had a few drinks, ate and then slept again.

This was some Saturday. This was some weekend.

The Woods

All I could do when I saw the picture displayed as the header on my blog was marvel at nature’s beauty. It  made me feel so warm and good. I’m sorry Robert, but I’m going to have to quote you here because you’ve shown us a lot with these simple words.


Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

– Robert Frost


So until I see those woods again, I shall dream lovingly of what I have to do and hope that someday, that dream becomes my reality…

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