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Bring back the Rock!

When I was growing up, I was lucky to be inducted into a proper school of learning in Music. My dad would often say, ‘It’s just not enough to have book knowledge, but you must have a whole round development as well’. That being said, my training started with rummaging through some of the old cassettes that dad kept of Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Deep Purple and the like. I used to listen to the tapes, try to learn the music and understand the meaning of the lyrics.

Pretty soon, I was quite confident about my knowledge in a few bands and I decided to broaden my horizon by going a little deeper into the 60’s, the era of Beatles. Although, I must admit that rock music has always been my passion from the beginning, my dad taught me to never disregard other forms of music just because they don’t cater to your taste. You must feel the music and understand what it’s telling you rather than say ‘Oh whatever’!

Here’s a small collection of my favorite mixture of rock anthems which I have loved (and continue to love) listening to:

1. The song that we still want to hear every time we’re in a pub or at a friend’s place. It’s one of the songs many new bands want to imitate because it’s got the right vibe to it. This is my most favorite because of my guitar idol – Jimmy Page. This is Stairway to Heaven.

2. The song that inspired many a gang to run amok at parties and start headbanging. One of the easiest songs to imitate on the guitar and piano because of it’s fluid music; though the voice, none can replace the magical Ian Gillian. This is Smoke on the water

3. Deep Purple made two songs that made the ‘Machine Head‘ album a hit almost immediately post release. This is another of the famous one’s that’s been performed even to this day – Highway Star. This is a video of a 1972 concert and they’re introducing this song for the first time.

4. Another of my favorite band is Pink Floyd. Known for their versatility, this band really knows how to make music. Their songs have such deep meanings and are always a pleasure to listen to. This is Comfortably Numb. I have not put the original version but a concert version because their concerts have always been breathtaking and well conducted.

5. Last on my list would be, of course a Beatles song without any doubt. You can’t just overwrite these guys. They had it all – money, fame and glory and while still battling with youth. This is Love me do.

Hope you enjoy this 😀


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