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Being a Student Again

The learning never stops, people have told me. Yet I wonder why people don’t want to stop learning. The brain is truly a beautiful thing. It can hold (as quoted below) information amounting to 10 billion Encyclopedia pages. A typical adult brain contains 15 billion to 200 billion neurons. According to neurologist R. Restak, “the brain is capable of remembering 2 to the 10th billion power bits of information. If you’d like to see this number for yourself to see how large it is, grab a piece of paper and write a zero for every second for 90 years.

But if you look at it in the simple sense, the brain even though it may seem mighty, has been fooled easily into making wrong decisions. Have you processed a thought in your head and then chucked it out because your heart felt something else? Well, the next time, listen to what your head says because more often than not, the brain is telling the mind to do the right thing but the feelings attached with the heart say something different.

As human beings, we are prone to take risks in life. Most of which is controlled by our hearts but our brains do all the calculations. It measures exactly what we need to do and how to do it. Unfortunately, in this case, I’m unable to provide a personal example or an anecdote which I normally would do to illustrate or drive through my point better. However, I would like to show you’ll a video by Alien Heston which I think may be helpful in proving my point.


P.S – For those of you who were thinking that this was going to be a serious article, know that I`m just a student who was a bit bugged with the day`s classes =)


My 55 Words Story

He looked down at her and brushed the hair off her face softly. She looked at him and said, “Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be fine”. With a smile on his face, he fell asleep on her shoulder.

Nine months later, the headline says – 16 year old girl delivers baby boy, Father 12 years old!

The Funny Game of Life

Life is a like a funny deck of cards. Here you are sitting and wondering what you did wrong. You try the various permutations – combinations, but you just don’t seem to find the right set of cards to get your stacks in the same order. At times, you come out all aces;hitting everything on a high.

You play cards like you play with life. When you’re happy and confident, there’s nothing that can stop you from doing what you want and your cards say the same. True, a lot of it has to do with lady luck but most of the time; it’s just you that’s deciding the fate. You can never go wrong with whatever you do. Your hand keeps burning the others’ fate.

It’s odd, but I feel like this is happening to me quite often. I try and play with cards that are never meant to be with me and end up losing more than what I bargained with at the beginning of the game. I’m going through what you would call an unlucky hand. I try and fight my way through, but the luck just doesn’t seem to favour me at all.

Hopefully, this turn runs out sooner than later. I’m tired of this game. Maybe I should try Blackjack for a change and see if my luck changes for the better. I could do with a lady blowing into my hand for good luck.

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