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Monday Blah!

Remember Aladdin and his magic lamp? Well, I ain’t an Aladdin but I do have a roommate who we fondly call Jasmine; but more about the magic lamp. History states that, Aladdin rubbed his magic lamp and out whooshed a genie who granted Aladdin three wishes of his choice. I didn’t have to rub a lamp but I did have my three wishes granted yesterday through some magical stroke of luck.

It was 3 AM and I was travelling back home on the bus and somehow, I just couldn’t get any sleep. I was wondering what was disturbing me and it was two things. One, my roommates had again done some nonsense and I was going to find out what only when I got home. Two, I was going to lose a close friend. Surprising to say the least, I got back home to see my bags all packed and neatly arranged next to the door. It seemed like we were ready for a quick exit should the situation ever arise. Hmmm and why was all I could muster at that moment.

Two, I lost my close friend to the unfortunate enemy called “distance”. The funny part about that is, I didn’t wish for it to happen. I had this nagging thought in my mind that the distance factor would create some trouble surely sooner or later. It was too soon to predict, honestly. That being said, the friend and I are still keeping in touch.

Three, as if the day could not get any worse, when I left for work, I realized that I did not have the ID card with me. I went back home and searched desperately for it. No luck. So, I left home and pondered on how I’m going to get into my office without an ID card. As luck wasn’t on my side yesterday, no one was in the office, which in turn means no one to identify me, which means, I can’t get to work. This is something that’s happening at 7 AM by the way.

After calling, yelling and heckling a few of the people, my manager finally got them to grant me a temporary access for the day, which as I suspected it, did not start working immediately. My day could not start any better – 7.40 AM.

So, I reach my workstation and I switch my desktop on happy to see it for another week when I realize that my drawer key has all the important documents which I need for my work. The drawer key was attached to the ID card, the location of which is currently unknown. Alright, where are you Mr Locksmith? I looked at the time on the workstation – 7.50 AM. Too early for anyone to come and get it opened. What do I do? Get home and start searching for the badge? Yes, I could not see any other alternative at that moment.

10.15 AM – I had been rummaging through the rubble with determination for the last two hours, only to be disappointed that my badge was not where it was supposed to be at. Ok, time to call the locksmith and get the drawer opened anyhow.

11.00 AM – I enter the office not realizing that I hadn’t changed / showered since I reached home at half past 6. I’ve been running around too pissed with so much nonsense happening since morning that I didn’t realize that I was wearing a tee that said “Recovering Quoteaholic”. Hmmm, again at that thought which made me smile for the first time.

11.28 AM – A call from a dear old friend cheered me up. I was literally doing pirouettes while we talked. This person’s always the ego booster, a mood enhancer and a darling for me. Thank you.

7.40 PM – Twelve hours since I started working and I get this funny thought in my head that my access card was going to get revoked at the stroke of midnight much like Cinderella’s chariot turning into a pumpkin. I laugh to myself that this can’t happen and go out for a cup of coffee.

12.05 AM – It happened just like I had imagined. I was wondering if my thoughts were being converted to wishes somehow. So here I am, stuck all alone in a big office with no security around, awaiting rescue. So once again after calling, yelling and heckling a few of the people, I got someone to come rescue me. Freedom never felt so good at half past 12 in the morning.

12.20 AM – reach home and roommates are ready to get out for dinner. They unceremoniously dump me back on the bike and off we go.

3.00 AM – landed home finally. I’ve been awake for 24 hours exactly. 3 thoughts converted to three wishes which brought about a lot of mess, madness and unnecessary heckling today.

Let’s hope Tuesday starts off well…

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