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Christmas at Home – A Treat for the Soul

It’s that time of the year again when we rise up and sing at the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The gathering of all the 50 members of your family in that small two bedroom apartment of yours where you think its just not enough to house more. Yes, it sounds like Christmas.

While most people celebrate Christmas with family, I decided to do something different. I spent a night of fun, frolic and basically drinking with a bunch of friends that I grew up with in Bangalore and boy oh boy, was it good. The amount of planning and preparation that went into this small, yet grand affair took a toll on all of us and we were very satisfied when everyone left the house in good spirits to wish their loved ones at home and basically go to sleep so they could enjoy the rest of the celebrations for that day.

My story is a little more different than the rest mentioned above. I was drunk almighty and I had slept for 48 hours straight. No inkling of time and date at all. When I got up, I realized that I had just spent this Christmas in the worst possible fashion ever. I had forgotten my own family and most of my friends were worried sick about where I was since I wasn’t answering any of their calls.

So I took a little breather and allowed my thoughts to flow freely. Remember when parents ask their kids about what gifts they would be requesting from Santa this year? Well, I had a flashback of when I was small and my dad asking me, ‘Son, have you been a good boy this year?’ And I would go, ‘Yes daddy, I’ve been really good’ – basically lying from the top of my head. I would see that Santa left something nice for me under the Christmas tree and then I felt sorry that I had lied to Santa and still got something from him.

Coming back to the present day; I remembered those very same words that my father used a very long time ago and I thought to myself, Have I been good this year? I haven’t spoken to my family in a long time, I haven’t been the most responsible person when it came to doing any kind of work, and I haven’t been the best friend. All these things were eating my head and I just couldn’t stop but wonder why on earth I am living this farcical life. I wanted to amend things straight away so I called up one of my best friends and told him that ‘Dude, I’m off to Mangalore for New Year and I’m sorry we won’t be catching up on 31st night because I’m missing my family a lot.’ He was all sweet and kind and he said ‘Definitely bro, family comes first and I’m happy that you’ll be with your family at this time’.

Well, now to get the details in order. First I get in touch with my neighbor and tell him that I’m coming to Mangalore to give my uncle and everyone there a nice surprise and would require a return ticket from Mangalore to Bangalore so I can reach back on 4th morning for work. He says ‘No problem Sheldon, I’ll get that arranged for you in no time’ and bang, in half an hour he’s got my ticket ready. Second, I had to convince my team mates at office that I will be leaving a day in advance so I had to get all my work cleared off in time. Third, getting a ticket to Mangalore as this would be a rush season and everybody’s going home at the same time. My ticket booking agent is a genius. He shifted a few seats from here and there and ensured that I would get a ticket on the same bus that I wanted on the same day at the time that I usually traveled on.

So now that I have finally reached Mangalore, I begin to realize what a wonderful feeling I’m having since I got here. This feeling of calm and peaceful serenity is exuding all around me. As I sit and await the arrival of lunch, the delicious aroma is tickling my senses and I see that this is what I’ve been missing all along – it’s the sweet taste of purity. I’m finally at home and it’s “a treat for the soul indeed.”

P.S – In case you’re wondering why I’m writing about Christmas in the month of April, I’d like you’ll to know that this was a long lost article which I managed to retrieve from an old hard disk. Yay!

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