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Just Another Love Story

I’m sure love stories like these have been told before and will continue to be told in the years to come. Then again, all love stories aren’t the same. They may or may not have the same happy ending as some of you reading this may have had; but it’s a love story nevertheless and it’s worth telling.

A couple was walking hand in hand on a small street; their love for each other visible for everyone to marvel at. It had been a few years since they were married, yet they couldn’t resist stopping in the middle of the street and sharing a kiss or talking in animated voices. Old couples who would pass by them would whisper a silent prayer to always keep them together.

On one of the weekends, while they were walking past a row of shops, the wife’s eyes swooped down on a glittering ring made of diamonds. Immediately, she prodded her husband to look down and said “I want that”. The husband replied, “It’s way above our budget and moreover, why do you need a diamond ring? Don’t I provide you with enough and more? This is just a silly craving, nothing else”.

The wife would hear none of it and rebuked him saying “What nonsense is this? Are you saying that you love me less now? I want this ring at any cost and I don’t want to hear you saying no to my demands. If you aren’t able to purchase it now, It’s fine, but I will be expecting this as a birthday gift” and with that she walked on ahead.

Many weeks passed and it was the wife’s birthday. The wife was growing mad with anticipation with the thought of receiving the diamond ring as a birthday gift and so, when her husband arrived from work, she rushed into his arms and gave him the biggest of hugs. The husband, knowing exactly the reason for the hug said nothing and handed her something small wrapped in a beautiful package.

She stared awkwardly at the package for a while and then, slowly unwrapping the cover, she brought out a small Bible with her name embossed in gold lettering at the top. She stood motionless for a while and then with a glaring look at her husband yelled at the top of her voice. “Is this a cruel joke that you’re playing on me? I asked you for a diamond ring and not a Bible and that too, a Bible with my name embossed in gold. Is this your way of showing love after all these years that we’ve been married?”

The husband tried to make her understand but she was overcome with rage to listen to him. In the next thirty minutes, she had packed her clothes and stomped out of the house leaving her husband and their life. She didn’t want to hear from him ever again and she had decided that she would never forgive him for the grief he had caused her.

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Years later, she had made a name for herself and found love again. They were married and had all the happiness in the world that they desired but the love she shared with her second husband was nothing like the one she shared with her first. One day, while she was reminiscing about her first husband, she receives a letter saying that her first husband had perished in a plane crash during his business travel on his return home.

She was struck with grief remembering how she had walked out of their home and their lives. She collected herself and proceeded to read the rest of the letter which said that her husband had willed all his possessions to her making her the sole owner. She couldn’t believe what she was reading and wondered why his behaviour towards her hadn’t changed after she had walked out on them all those years ago.

Knowing that she had to be present to ensure that all the matters were taken care of, she went back to her first home. Walking into the hallway, all those memories came rushing by of the happy years that they had spent with each other in this home. On the table was the same Bible that he had gifted her on her birthday. Though the cover was peeling off slightly, she could still see her name embossed in gold lettering.

 With tears dripping silently, she opened the pages of the Bible to the page that he had marked for her to read. When she neared the end, she noticed a small cut on the top of the Bible like a little flap. As she opened the flap, a small package fell out of it. Shaking uncontrollably now, she opened the small package to find the diamond ring intact and still glittering as the day she first laid her eyes on it. On the inner circle of the ring, was an engraving on which the words were written, ‘Love you always’.

This is a modified work from the article that appeared in Bendor so Talo, a Mangalorean weekly newspaper by Patsy Britto. You will find versions of this story over the internet as well. To see a few, click here and here.

As a disclaimer, I would like to state that this is not a copied work from any other source but a story that has been told over the years, though, through many different versions. This is my version of it.


Saturday Night Out

Ok! So, this wasn’t a regular Saturday you meet up with the boys, have a drink at one of the many pubs in the city and have a roar of a time driving around to some unknown destination only to come back home and pass out. No, this was a crazy night out riddled with adventures. Why? Since it involved a little of drinking (after all, one can’t forget the drinking), one bike, 3 people and adrenaline pushing you to the limit.

It all began with a phone call…

Roommate 1: Hello Sheldon?

Me: Yes dude?

Roommate 1: Macha (a word signifying brother), my friends are coming over from across the border and we are going to have a party at our place.

Me: OK. So what does this have to do with me?

Roommate 1: I need you to tell Roommate 2 to get his girlfriend out of the house by the time they come.

Me: What? Why do you need the girlfriend out of the place?

Roommate 1: No dude, you don’t understand. I’ve had problems with this from the beginning and I’ve told him many times not to get her home. He doesn’t seem to heed my requests anymore.

Me: Ok dude. I’ll try talking to him. How many people are coming by the way?

Roommate 1: Seven.

Me: Seven? What the hell mate?

Roommate 1: Yeah. They’re going to be staying here as well, so you guys need to find something to do tonight since I don’t think you’d be comfortable around these people.

Roommate 1: Hmmm. Alright then. Let me talk to Roommate 2 and let you know ASAP.

All the while, Roommate 2 is listening to this conversation with his girlfriend sitting next to him and wondering what the hell is happening.

Roommate 2: What’s up Jaan (Word that signifies loved one – used for both guys and girls)?

Me: Nothing much. Our roommate is hosting a party out here with seven of his pals and he needs you to get the girlfriend out of here.

Roommate 2: No way.

Me: Yes. That’s what he wants and he’s said it plain and clear that he wants this to be done immediately.

Roommate 2: What’s his problem?

Me: I don’t think he has a problem with you Jaan. He just has a problem with her. I don’t think he likes you bringing her here.

Meanwhile, the girl’s attention perks up and she puts in her contribution to the situation.

Girlfriend: This is a sad scene.

Me: I understand. But right now, I need you both to leave the place so he can have his party.

Girlfriend: What are you going to do then?

Me: I haven’t thought about that yet.

Roommate 2: Let’s get out then. You’re not doing anything here anyways. So I don’t see why you can’t come out with us.

Me: Hmmm. Good plan. Alright then, what do we do / where do we go?

Roommate 2: Let’s get to a resort.

The time on the clock when we were discussing this was showing 9.30 PM

Me: Now? What the hell do we do at a resort at this time of the night?

Roommate 2: Well, we can have a ball of a time drinking, dancing and partying the night away basically.

Me: Sounds good, but I don’t see any resort that’s near our place and moreover, we have one bike. How the hell do we get to this place with the three of us on bike, out on a Saturday night and a horde of cops at various checkpoints?

Roommate 2: That, you don’t worry. Getting to the place is my concern. You just tell me what we’re going to drink and where we’re going to be staying.

I pause to think for a while. The offer sounded good. I did not want to stay at home with
seven unknown guys and I sure as hell did not want to know what kind of party
seven unknown guys would be having.

Me: OK. Let’s chalk up a plan to see what we can do. Obviously we can’t get to a resort at this point of time since it’s late to do anything. Let’s get to a hotel / a guesthouse and we can take it from there, alright? First, let’s get something to eat. Anyone up for Chinese?

Roommate 2 and girlfriend are both excited by the change of events and are having an
animated discussion about the list of hotels that we could go to without having
to spend too much for a room. This is when I start thinking. Ooh, I wish I had
a girlfriend at this time. We could have had so much fun tonight. The time on
the clock reads ten. The timeframe is getting shorter. We need to do something
fast. I can think about the girlfriend that I could have enjoyed with at another time.

So, the three of us get out for a meal. There’s a slight drizzle as we’re walking and I’m thinking about how we’re going to manage if the rain continues like this or becomes worse. The dinner was a boring affair. Apart from the starters – soup and momos
(dumplings), the main course sucked. We left the place quickly unable to savour
the dinner. On the way back home, we’re talking about the usual nonsense that
guys talk when a girl is around – ex girlfriends, commitment issues, parents; you
know the drill.

We get back home and we start calling up a few select places in the city which we knew were affordable and hospitable. No luck. It seems that on the night we do decide to book a place in one of the many hotels that the city offers us, no rooms are available. I smile at our rotten luck. The seven unknown guys are having a nice drink at a popular bar (read Hard Rock Café) and we’re sitting out here mulling over our stupid situation.

That’s when an idea springs to my head. Usually, I have this knack of thinking at the right things at the wrong time. This time, I knew the situation could not have been more befitting. I called up my friend’s cousin who was in charge of a beautiful guesthouse Sujata Guest House. This was a small yet aesthetically designed guesthouse with modern amenities such as your microwave oven, toaster, water heater and an air conditioner to boot.

Now, all we need is the booze. How do we get to a place which is filled with cops patrolling each and every main road? The plan was to get the booze and scoot to the guest house without encountering any non-friendlies. So, we rode into the night with a heart full of hope that the night would not be a wasted effort. We took the by lanes and the shortcuts and the up and down roads. We took more time than what it would take for a normal person to reach the place where we were staying. But we did not waver. We stuck to our plan and we kept pushing forward even though we knew the danger that lied ahead.

Two guys on a bike in the middle of the night is dangerous enough anyways. We were two guys and a girl, kinky, yet fun.

 So there we were, three friends, happy campers as you can call us, enjoying the night away, drinking, laughing, talking and dancing. The old stories came up and new ones were created but what happened that night was fun all through. I’ve realized that as life goes on,
you meet new people every day and the moments that you spend with them are
cherished in your heart.

The next morning we came back the same way we left the previous night; three on a bike. This time, the world watched us go by as we proudly rode all the way home in bright daylight like newly crowned champions. The rest of the day was spent in recovering the lost energy of the previous night. So, in order to be fair to the spirit of the weekend, we ate, slept, got up, ate again, slept again, got up, had a few drinks, ate and then slept again.

This was some Saturday. This was some weekend.

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